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Viewpoint: 2 reasons GMOs might be the ‘miracle’ Nigeria is looking for

| | April 8, 2019

As Nigeria gets slammed with another gavel of shame – this time called the Misery Index – we suddenly realize that we are fast sliding down the cesspit of human ignominy. Yet, because we are still a people given to faith and hope, we understand that we now need a miracle more than ever.

[Editor’s note: Greg Odogwu is a writer for the Nigerian news outlet Punch.]

Two things happened in our country this year that, when put together, could be a pointer to the miracle we are waiting for. In January, Nigeria emerged triumphant in a global scientific community as a country capable of using biotechnology to address food security challenges. The Federal Government approved the commercial release of the Pod Borer Resistant cowpea

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The second event was the opening of an indigenous research institute in the country, [in March 2019]. The Institute for World Evolution and Developmental Eschatology, an organization with the mission….of unifying science and religion, opened its Abuja offices with its first declaration that “Nigeria is ripe for genetic engineering because religion….started with genetic engineering at its highest form and application.”

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