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Stem cell therapy for autism? The darker side of ‘quackademic medicine’

David Gorski | 
As bad as the embrace of naturopathy, traditional Chinese medicine, and even reiki and homeopathy by some institutions that would ...

Chinese coronavirus quackery: Authoritarian government forces use of Traditional Chinese Medicine – TCM – to treat COVID

David Gorski | 
The government in China’s far northwest Xinjiang region is resorting to draconian measures to combat the coronavirus, including physically locking ...
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‘Only 6%’: QAnon, Trump, conservative social media disinformation on COVID impact

[O]ne of the most idiotic right wing pundits out there, The Gateway Pundit [said]: The CDC silently updated their numbers ...
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She’s baaaack! ‘Plandemic’ anti-vaccine disinformation ‘star’ Judy Mikovits now warning glyphosate, GMOs boost COVID-19 risk

David Gorski | 
[In early May], I wrote about Plandemic, a viral video featuring disgraced scientist turned antivaxxer turned COVID-19 “Fire Fauci” conspiracy ...
screenshot frontline doctors wuhan coronavirus is just like the seasonal flu

Viewpoint: ‘Just plain bad science’: FOX News promotes C/19 fatality ‘study’ by 2 California ‘fake experts’

There’s a pandemic of more than just COVID-19 right now. There’s also a pandemic of pseudoscience, misinformation, disinformation, and just ...
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Restorative stem cell treatments? William Shatner pitching stem cell therapies’ that evidence shows don’t work

David Gorski | 
Shatner has not been known, especially on Twitter, for his reflective nature or critical thinking abilities.  ... Star Trek star ...