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California court rejects challenge of state’s decision to label glyphosate herbicide as possible carcinogen

Bob Egelko | 
A state appeals court on [April 19] backed California’s listing of the widely used herbicide glyphosate as a possible cause ...
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No chemotherapy: Attacking cancer with immunotherapy ‘vaccine’

Ted Andersen | 
A recent Stanford cancer study that cured 97 percent of mice from tumors has now moved on to soliciting human ...
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CRISPR gene editing takes on HIV

Catherine Ho | 
Researchers at UCSF have received a three-year, $1.6 million grant to advance their work using novel gene-editing technology to make ...
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Anti-GMO activists so religiously dedicated to ideology they’ve lost progressive ethos

Mark Morford | 
Plentiful are the takeaways from Will Saletan’s expertly researched, if a bit viciously anti-activist, barn-burner of piece over at Slate ...

California stem cell industry reviving

Stephanie Lee | 
Almost three years after a Bay Area company shut down the world's first clinical trial of a therapy using embryonic ...