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Viewpoint: Friends of the Earth ignores organic pesticides harmful to bees

Science Codex | 
Friends of the Earth Canada is calling on Ontario Minister of the Environment Chris Ballard to investigate the sale of ...

Whale aging hints at mysteries of menopause

Science Codex | 
A new study led by the Universities of Exeter and York has shown that female killer whales survive after menopause ...

Study finds strong genetic component to childhood obesity

Science Codex | 
The following is an excerpt. Previous research has shown that obesity runs in families, and twin studies suggest that this ...

Mutations that accelerate neural development linked to autism spectrum disorder

Science Codex | 
Neurodevelopmental disorders such as intellectual disability and autism spectrum disorders are marked by mutations that impair signaling between neurons. These ...
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Stem cells show promise for treating infertility in cancer patients

Science Codex | 
A promising stem-cell-based approach for treating infertility has been successfully demonstrated in non-human primates, as reported in a study published ...

Study reveals genetic causes of a male infertility disorder

Science Codex | 
Severe spermatogenic failure (SSF) is a genetic condition that causes low sperm count and infertility. New insights into the genetic ...

Personalized genomic medicine: How much can it really empower patients? – Science Codex

Science Codex | 
Personalized genomic medicine is hailed as a revolution that will empower patients to take control of their own health care, ...

First large scale trial of whole-genome cancer testing for clinical decision-making

Science Codex | 
For the first time, researchers have conducted a large trial in which they tested the entire genome of individual breast ...

The genetics of white finger disease

Science Codex | 
Vibration-induced white finger disease (VWF) is caused by continued use of vibrating hand held machinery (high frequency vibration >50 Hz), ...

Can early menopause be cured? A genetic mouse model may pave the way

Science Codex | 
Scientists have established a genetic mouse model for primary ovarian insufficiency (POI), a human condition in which women experience irregular ...

Genetic screening identifies genes linked to human skeletal disease

Science Codex | 
A genetic screening approach to studying bone disease has found nine new genes associated with bone health and suggests a ...

Nanoscale scaffolds and stem cells show future promise for cartilage repair and joint pain

Science Codex | 
Johns Hopkins tissue engineers have used tiny, artificial fiber scaffolds thousands of times smaller than a human hair to help ...

Of flies and men: Scientists make interesting discovery of how flies regulate sex genes, could be important for humans in the future

Science Codex | 
What do you get when you dissect 10 000 fruit-fly larvae? A team of researchers led by the EMBL-European Bioinformatics ...

Stem cells can beat back diabetes

Science Codex | 
University of British Columbia scientists, in collaboration with an industry partner, have successfully reversed diabetes in mice using stem cells, ...

Targeted gene therapy enhances treatment for Pompe disease

Science Codex | 
Gene therapy to replace the protein missing in Pompe disease can be effective if the patient's immune system does not ...

European geneticists condemn use of testing to establish ‘racial purity’

Science Codex | 
The use of genetic testing to establish racial origins for political purposes is not only scientifically foolish, but also unethical ...

The epigenome of newborns and centenarians is different

Science Codex | 
What happens in our cells after one hundred years? What is the difference at the molecular level between a newborn ...

Maize diversity discoveries may help ease world’s hunger pangs

Science Codex | 
Researchers at the University of California, Davis, report that ancient farmers had a stronger impact on the evolution of maize, ...

Study finds voter genetics may predict election outcomes

Science Codex | 
New studies led by researchers from Boston University School of Medicine (BUSM) shows specific genetic traits may predispose people to ...

Maps of Miscanthus genome offer insight into grass evolution

Science Codex | 
Miscanthus grasses are used in gardens, burned for heat and energy, and converted into liquid fuels. They also belong to ...
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US GMO regulatory system broken, new analysis shows

Science Codex | 
The development of genetically engineered (GE) crops in the 1980′s ignited a buzz in the agricultural community with the potential ...
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