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We may be getting closer to finding alien life, but don’t expect it to happen next year, expert say

Leonard David | asked top SETI (search for extraterrestrial intelligence) experts about what next year may signal regarding detecting other starfolk. ...
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What to make of ‘photographic proof’ of insect life on Mars? More than likely, they’re just rocks

Chelsea Gohd | 
William Romoser, a professor emeritus who specializes in arbovirology (the study of viruses transmitted by arthropods) and entomology at Ohio ...

We may need to genetically engineer astronauts to protect them from radiation during long space flights

Chelsea Gold | 
One of the main health concerns with space travel is radiation exposure. If, for example, scientists could figure out a way ...

Could alien life be made from silicon instead of carbon?

Charles Choi | 
Science fiction has long imagined alien worlds inhabited by silicon-based life...Now, scientists have for the first time shown that nature ...

Space dust is full of DNA

Elizabeth Howell | 
A study of teeny-tiny meteorite fragments revealed that two essential components of life on Earth as we know it, could ...