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Will Greenpeace lose tax-free donation status in Australia as result of GMO wheat field vandalism?

Colin Bettles | 
The GLP aggregated and excerpted this blog/article to reflect the diversity of news, opinion and analysis. Greenpeace Australia Pacific’s eligibility ...

Seralini rat study on toxicity of GM crops republished

Kate McRobert | 
Republication of the infamous Seralini study on the toxicity of genetically modified (GM) food crops has been met with renewed ...

War in South Australia over future of GMO trials

Colin Bettles | 
South Australian Agriculture Minister Leon Bignell’s staunch opposition to genetically modified (GM) crop biotechnology has raised fears multi-million dollar research ...

Finding the common GM ground

Gregor Heard | 
I'm often asked why I don’t take a strong position on the GM debate – its either the best thing ...

Genetics expert calls for fertility focus on cattle

Louise Preece | 
A UNITED States cattle reproduction expert has urged Australian dairy farmers to take reproduction in their herds more seriously ...
organic produce

Organic agriculture: Is it a religion?

David Leyonhjelm | 
No person would choose organic food over conventional food on objective grounds to address regional needs or world hunger. Its ...