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Plumeria Whiteflies

CRISPR gene editing knocks out viruses responsible for billions of dollars in crop losses

Seth Truscott | 
Viruses cause billions of dollars in losses for many food, feed, and fiber crops, including staples like wheat, rice, potatoes, ...

Citrus Greening bacteria finally grown in the lab—key ‘first step’ to saving Florida’s orange industry

Washington State University researchers have for the first time grown the bacteria in a laboratory that causes Citrus Greening Disease, ...
4-30-2019 sleep explainer

Gene mutation could explain why children with autism have trouble falling asleep

Judith Van Dongen | 
Up to 80 percent of children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) experience sleep problems. The source of these problems has ...
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Glyphosate exposure causes ‘transgenerational inheritance of disease’ in rats, study claims, but scientists question data

Washington State University researchers have found a variety of diseases and other health problems in the second- and third-generation offspring ...
gluten sensitivity x

Wheat with ‘built‑in defense’ against gluten could make bread safe for people with celiac disease

Seth Truscott | 
Researchers at Washington State University have created a new, genetically distinct variety of wheat that’s safer for people with celiac ...

‘Blueprint’ of plant’s immune system could speed breeding of disease-resistant crops

Washington State University researchers have discovered the way plants respond to disease-causing organisms, and how they protect themselves, leading the ...

Scientists aim to engineer genetic defense system against deadly grapevine disease

A new discovery by Washington State University scientists could help grape growers roll back a devastating virus that withers vines ...
wheat field crop agriculture trees x

Scientists are skeptical of regenerative agriculture’s ‘extraordinary claims’

Andrew McGuire | 
What is regenerative agriculture? Why is it different from sustainable agriculture? And how do I reconcile what practitioners of this system ...

Genetics may explain why some people outperform others even when deprived of sleep

Traci Pedersen | 
When deprived of sleep, some people are able to cope and respond much better than others. Although scientists have identified genes ...
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Newest ally in fight against cancer, Alzheimer’s? Immune systems of plants

A natural defense that helps plants ward off insect predators, discovered at Washington State University, could lead to better crops ...
species cover crop mixture

What’s the most sustainable cover crop? It’s not mixture but monoculture

Andrew McGuire | 
Research thus far has consistently found that cover crop polycultures are not necessarily better than cover crop monocultures. This is now ...
Screen Shot at PM

Neonicotinoids pose little risk to bees in ‘real world settings’ study says

Maegan Murray | 
While neonicotinoid pesticides can harm honey bees, a new study by Washington State University researchers shows that the substances pose ...
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New study challenges Moms Across America claim glyphosate present in mothers’ breastmilk

Washington State University scientists have found that glyphosate, the main ingredient in the herbicide Roundup, does not accumulate in mother's ...
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