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Massive genetic analysis shows how our ancestors ‘diversified, migrated and mixed’ around the world

A new study has provided the most comprehensive analysis of human genetic diversity to date, after the sequencing of 929 ...
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What’s behind human brain disorders? Mouse Genetics Project expects to yield many answers

Valerie Vancollie | 
The Sanger Institute Mouse Genetics Project is part of the international effort to discover the function of every gene in ...
3-6-2019 aiandgenomics

We have so much genomic data—we need AI to help us grapple with it

Alison Cranage | 
Genomics is set to become the biggest source of data on the planet, overtaking the current leading heavyweights – astronomy, ...
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Searching for infectious canine cancer in the shadow of Chernobyl

Alison Cranage | 
After the [Chernobyl] explosion, over 90,000 people were evacuated from hundreds of towns and communities in the vicinity of the ...