Bioprinting human ears inside living mice—all without a single surgical cut

Tissue engineering just got wilder and weirder. Using nothing but light and bioink, scientists were able to directly print a ...
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Custom 3D printed bone implants could revolutionize reconstructive surgery

Become partially android for a couple of years while your body heals itself. It may sound far-fetched, but for patients ...
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Infographic: Which 3D printed organs are closest to being transplantable?

No one has printed fully functional, transplantable human organs just yet, but scientists are getting closer, making pieces of tissue ...
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3D printed organs: We’re closer to solving the problem of how to supply them with blood

We’re tantalizingly close to growing organs in the lab, but the biggest remaining challenge has been creating the fine networks ...
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First 3D heart printed with human tissue could mark key step toward transplantable organs

Scientists in Israel unveiled a 3D print of a heart with human tissue and vessels on Monday [April 15, 2019], ...
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3D bioprinting custom-fit spinal cord implants

The latest step toward 3D-printed replacements of failed human parts comes from a team at UC San Diego. It has ...
E-tattoos? 3D printable electronics could make them possible

E-tattoos? 3D printable electronics could make them possible

In April [2018], Michael McAlpine, a mechanical engineering professor at the University of Minnesota, published a study in the journal Advanced Materials in which he ...
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