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‘Time to stop debating’: Researchers blame enterovirus for mysterious polio-like paralysis in kids

A team of researchers has published evidence that an enterovirus is to blame for a mysterious neurologic illness that has ...
acute flaccid myelitis orville young

Could a virus be causing mysterious ‘polio-like’ disease affecting children?

Researchers say they have strong new evidence that a virus is involved in a rare and puzzling polio-like condition that ...
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Absence of a ‘smoking gun’ pathogen has stymied efforts to solve AFM mystery illness paralyzing children

What some are calling an "unprecedented mystery respiratory illness" is being reported in the Rockies and across the Midwest. Contributing ...
acute flaccid myelitis orville young

Inside the quest to solve mystery disease paralyzing kids

To parents and the press, the “new” disease that is paralyzing kids is a mystery. Media coverage of acute flaccid myelitis (AFM), ...
acute flaccid myelitis

Chasing the mysterious polio-like disorder striking children

A runny nose or cough are normal symptoms during the fall, but this year doctors in the United States and ...
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