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acute flaccid myelitis orville young

Could a virus be causing mysterious ‘polio-like’ disease affecting children?

Researchers say they have strong new evidence that a virus is involved in a rare and puzzling polio-like condition that ...
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Pink-fleshed GMO pineapple coming to your dinner table

NBC News | 
A strain of pineapple genetically engineered to be pink instead of yellow got the go-ahead from the U.S. Food and ...

White House asks scientists to hold off on editing the human genome

NBC News | 
Scientists should hold off on experiments that could permanently alter people's DNA and pass the changes along to future generations, ...

Could genetically engineered cattle hold Ebola cure?

NBC News | 
On a farm outside Sioux Falls, South Dakota, a herd of cloned, genetically engineered cattle are busy incubating antibodies against ...

Rare genetic disorder causes severe impairment in siblings, but also conveys super immunity

NBC News | 
A brother and sister with an extremely rare genetic condition have a stunning ability to fight off viruses — an ...

Biological clocks in our cells may make some more prone to cancer

NBC News | 
Every cell in your body has a little clock ticking away in it, researchers report. And while most of you ...

Gene for age-related memory loss

NBC News | 
The forgetfulness that comes with age may be reversible, researchers reported on Wednesday. They found the brain cells involved in ...

Five most common mental illnesses may share genetic root

NBC News | 
The following is an excerpt. The biggest study yet into genetics and mental health has come up with a stunning ...

Gene therapy cures siblings of “bubble boy” syndrome

NBC News | 
Abbygail Ainslie was born perfect in July 2011. She weighed nine pounds and the genetic tests that have become standard ...