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Re-energized anti-vaccine activism is growing on the right and winning the social media battle to discredit coming coronavirus treatments

What does an antivaxxer and a far-right activist have in common? If the thought of someone who opposes vaccines brings ...

Viewpoint: Anti-vaxxers are expected to fight a coronavirus vaccine. Here’s one way to deal with them

[T]he race for a [coronavirus] vaccine and the techniques being used to manufacture it are bound to activate some familiar ...
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‘Denial, blame, and conspiratorial thinking’: Anti-vaxxers’ dangerous rhetoric during coronavirus pandemic

So far, the responses from major players wear down a familiar path of conspiratorial thinking and government mistrust ...

Viewpoint: ‘Denouncing’ HBO, Bill Maher for helping Dr. Jay Gordon spread vaccine misinformation

Dr. Jay Gordon (who usually likes to be called “Dr. Jay”) and I go back a long time, ever since I ...
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HPV vaccine better than expected at shielding against cancer. Why are anti-vaxxers fighting it?

New research shows that the HPV vaccine is exceeding expectations in protecting individuals from HPV infection and precancerous cells.  ...
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Battling anti-vaccine fears, myths as US measles outbreak rages on

[Blima] Marcus, part of the Orthodox Jewish community in Brooklyn, helped form a volunteer group of health-care professionals this year ...
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Tetanus infection offers ‘gut-wrenching’ warning about dangers of not vaccinating children

A 6-year-old boy from Oregon who had never received a single vaccine got a cut on his forehead while playing ...
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Viewpoint: Neurodiversity and why we can’t let fear of autism discourage vaccinations

Measles cases are surging across Europe, as vaccination rates have dropped. It’s a problem that medical authorities believe is, in part, ...
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