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Artificial life forms—’with no mother or father’—could change the way we develop vaccines

Every living creature on Earth has parents, grandparents, great-grandparents and so on—representing an unbroken line of ancestry all the way ...
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Beyond burgers: Why it’s so difficult to create ‘animal free’ steaks, bacon and chicken cutlets

A look at the food revolution of today, as well as Cultured Meat 2.0 ...
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‘Almost no limit’: Synthetic biology has turned the stuff of science fiction into the stuff of science

Synthetic biology, or the application of engineering principles to the design of life, presents world-changing prospects. Could components of a ...
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Bioengineering’s ‘holy grail’: Scientists closer to creating printable skin to cover burns, other injuries

Creating a durable, natural-looking skin substitute to cover burn injuries or other wounds has been a bioengineer’s holy grail for decades ...
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Transhumanism could push human evolution into hyperdrive. Should we embrace it?

Some people believe that we can enhance human life through embracing biotechnology and genetic engineering, but should we? ...
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