How do you ‘boost’ your body’s immune function in the fight against the coronavirus? Answer: You can’t

The short answer to the question – how do you boost your immune system – is that you can’t. The ...
evolution on a wall

Can we teach evolutionary biology without making students ‘choose between their faith and evolution’?

Michael Reiss, a professor of science education at University College London and an Anglican Priest, suggests that “we need to ...
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Bioweapons research gets quiet OK from National Institutes of Health: Here’s why that could be ‘horrific’

For more than a decade now, two scientists–one in the U.S. and one in the Netherlands–have been trying to create ...
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Why DNA ethnicity results are so unreliable

Everyone who received DNA test kits during the holiday season has hopefully spit or swabbed and mailed and is now ...
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Why a decline in mortality rates among very old people may be ‘an illusion’

An intriguing phenomenon has emerged in recent years: among very old people, the rate at which people die appears to decline when ...

Viewpoint: Science needs to embrace the difference between sex and gender—without abandoning the past

Lots of sites, including three scientific societies, have rejected the new Health and Human Services guidelines that provide a classification of ...
oumuamua asteroid space ESO

Is ‘interstellar visitor’ an alien probe? ‘We should be appropriately skeptical’

One year ago, in October 2017, astronomers detected the first confirmed interstellar visitor to our solar system – an asteroid dubbed Oumuamua ...

How probable is it that we’re alone in the universe?

Earlier this year I wrote about two ways of looking at the probability of there being advanced alien civilizations – the ...
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