Brain zapping: Could brain massage therapy reduce pain?

Dr. Hyochol “Brian” Ahn, professor at UTHealth’s Cizik School of Nursing, suggested that pain could be zapped away using electric ...
halo sport headset neuropriming muscle movement brain stimulation training device on the trainer

Brain stimulation could help you get stronger, faster

[Halo Neuroscience CEO Brett Wingeier] said that they make a headset which stimulates your brain to help you get better, ...
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Brain zapping may be a new type of snake oil. But it might also work—in some instances

According to the advertising hype, you too can enjoy incredible neural and psychological benefits in the comfort of your own ...
deep brain stimulation problem gambling

‘Risky decisions’ and why our brains make it so easy for us to gamble

A new study by a team from Johns Hopkins University appears to have identified a region of the brain that plays a ...
Electrical Stimulation x

Boosting memory by combining electrical brain stimulation and learning

Low dose transcranial direct current stimulation have been the subject of much debate. Now, the technology is combined with cognitive ...

Supercharged brains and the quest to think better and faster

For those seeking to enhance cognitive function based on hard evidence, the starting point is worked aimed at improving mental ...
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