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Lab-made breast milk could ‘spell trouble’ for $45-billion infant formula industry

It won’t be easy to cell-culture breast milk in the lab. But early results are promising enough to spell trouble ...

Breast milk breakthrough on the horizon? Growing mammary cells to create casein and lactose

The inconvenient truth about breastfeeding is that breasts are, invariably, attached to a person. A person who could get too ...
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Far from sterile: Breast milk ‘teeming’ with bacteria

Until relatively recently, most researchers thought that breast milk was sterile. But it turns out that, like most other body parts ...
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Roundup in breast milk? Disturbing new details in the plot to discredit nutritionist Shelley McGuire

In July 2015, Michelle (Shelley) McGuire, a nutrition professor and lactation expert then at Washington State University (WSU), was targeted ...
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Anti-GMO activists use FOIA to bully mother-scientist nutrition and lactation expert

USRTK has wielded FOIA requests as a weapon to bully scientists. Michelle McGuire, a globally respected nutrition expert, is the ...
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