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Extrachromosomal DNA: The unique clues scientists are using to outfox cancer

Human cells are not supposed to have extra bits of DNA floating around, so [Paul] Mischel described the peculiar substance ...
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First COVID-19 vaccines on track to arrive late 2020, faster than thought possible

Three companies with funding from the US government—AstraZeneca, Johnson & Johnson, and Moderna—are on track to distribute the first commercial ...
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Can the RNA editing race challenge the potential of CRISPR’s DNA editing?

RNA, a short-lived cousin to its better-known partner DNA, is the blueprint for protein production in cells. [Biotech entrepreneur Joshua] ...
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What you eat as an infant shapes your gut microbiome for years

As soon as we are born, the collection of bacteria that colonize and collaborate with our digestive system starts to ...
1-17-2019 alzheimers blood test

We could soon have a blood test for Alzheimer’s

Approximately 5.5 million Americans over the age of 65 cope with [Alzheimer’s disease]. Symptoms include behavioral changes, cognitive difficulties, and ...

Directed evolution and Nobel Prize winner Frances Arnold

“Life is a tornado, and I am a leaf,” [Nobelist Frances H.] Arnold says. As the Linus Pauling Professor of ...

‘Software of life’ and why messenger RNA could be the next big thing in pharmaceuticals

“Why are we so passionate about messenger RNA?” Moderna President Stephen Hoge asked the attentive audience. “It starts with the ...

‘The potential here is huge’: Using exosomes to package and deliver drug therapy

Millions of tiny bubbles, released from cells and packaged with molecular mail, are racing through your bloodstream right now. And ...
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