poltava chicken breed male and female

Animal breeding advances yield disease-resistant chickens to combat hunger in Africa

In many low and middle-income countries, indigenous chickens are an integral part of the farming system and are an important ...

Explaining the debate over GMOs—and what is or isn’t ‘natural’— through the genetics of chickens

Chickens (and their eggs) provide a surprisingly down-to-earth illustration of the profound implications of the modern genetic revolution ...
2-3-2019 chicken hen

Genetically modified chickens lay cancer-treating eggs

Researchers have genetically modified chickens that can lay eggs that contain drugs for arthritis and some cancers. The drugs are ...

Whole Foods embraces slow-growing chickens: Why that’s not so environmentally sustainable

There is a movement, pushed by Whole Foods, to go back to slower-growing chickens. This is problematic from a sustainability ...
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