Building ‘better’ astronauts through genetic engineering could be key to colonizing other planets

Through genetic engineering, we will one day have the ability to thrive in harsh alien environments ...
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How NASA’s struggle with radiation-resistant microbe could help us understand infections

Bacteria have infiltrated sterile rooms NASA used to build space equipment. Studying what happens to them in outer space could ...

Colonial warfare: Were smallpox-infected blankets given to Native Americans?

North American colonists’ warfare against Native Americans often was horrifyingly brutal. But one method they appear to have used shocks even more ...
Mars House

Using synthetic biology to help humans adapt to a life on Mars

Synthetic biology could solve many problems that Mars colonization brings up ...
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Viewpoint: Space colonization could be a really bad idea for humanity

[W]ould colonization of space lead to a dystopia? In a recent article in Futures, which was inspired by political scientist Daniel Deudney’s forthcoming ...

Deep-space travel, colonization may rely on genetically engineered life forms

Space exploration fires the imagination but presents many practical challenges—among them, how humans or organisms chosen to accompany us can ...
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