Why the consumer genetics test boom is a ‘double-edged sword’ for physicians

Like many such advances, availability of [direct to consumer genetic] tests is a double-edged sword. On the one hand, it ...

When a DNA test uncovers an ugly family secret

As DNA-testing companies sell millions of kits, they’ve started to rearrange families. The tests have reunited long-lost cousins and helped adoptees find their ...
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DNA testing boom drives demand for genetic counselors

[W]ith precision medicine going mainstream and an explosion of apps piping genetic insights to your phone from just a few teaspoons of spit, ...

Can this DNA test find the right depression medication for you?

Using DNA testing to determine how well a given depression medication will work with a patient's genetic makeup is becoming ...
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Most adults want DNA testing – but don’t want to be ‘blindsided’ by results

Only a small percentage of people in their 50s and early 60s have had their DNA tested—for medical reasons, to ...
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Personal DNA tests challenged for perpetuating ‘false notions’ of ethnic cultures and race

Genetic-ancestry tests are having a moment. Look no further than Spotify: [Last month], the music-streaming service—as in, the service used ...
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Can a DNA test prove you are black? This man is suing the government to find out

In 2014, Ralph Taylor applied to have his insurance company in Washington State certified as a “disadvantaged business enterprise.” The DBE ...
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Finding ‘surprising and novel’ applications for consumer genomics

With more than 10 million genotyped customers, the consumer genomics industry is maturing and becoming a mainstream phenomenon. At last, ...

Privacy pledge: Consumer genetic-testing firms agree to new rules

Ancestry, 23andMe and other popular companies that offer genetic testing pledged on Tuesday [July 31] to be upfront when they ...
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