Having your period can be painful, messy, expensive - and optional?

Having your period can be painful, messy, expensive – and optional?

Menstruation has now become an elective bodily process. “Once your periods are established, we can turn them off,” Sophia Yen, ...
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Once-a-month birth control pill could be possible with innovative design

Scientists say they have made a breakthrough on developing a contraceptive pill that only needs to be taken once a ...

Brains and birth control pills: Oral contraceptives may affect learning, memory and the immune system

Sarah E Hill, a professor of social psychology at the Texas Christian University in Fort Worth, Texas argues we need ...

Viewpoint: Male birth control pills won’t make much difference if men aren’t eager to use them

It’s not enough to simply invent male contraception and bring it to market; we have to be in a place ...
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Birth control pill for men: Why is it taking so long?

A birth control pill for men has passed initial human safety tests, experts at a leading medical conference have heard ...
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When birth control fails: Genetic mutation can make the pill less effective

For nearly 60 years, hormonal contraceptives have freed women from their own biology. ... But no form of hormonal birth control—pill, patch, ...
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Targeting sperm in the quest for a contraceptive that doesn’t use hormones

Scientists are trying to create a new kind of contraception with a novel tactic: tangling up sperm so they can’t ...

Which contraceptive is best for you? Precision medicine could provide the answer

Approximately 900 million women around the world use contraceptives. It’s a shame that, even with the best available evidence and resources, an ...
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