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2-26-2019 cwx f

Is a 10 minute cancer blood test coming soon?

Guardian | 
About seven years ago, researchers at the US DNA sequencing company Illumina started to notice something odd. A new blood test it ...

23andMe founder Ann Wojckici explains why genetic testing vital to health

Guardian | 
In fall 2015, personal genetic testing company 23andMe launched a new version of its direct-to-consumer test that includes information on ...
px Old woman in Kyrgyzstan

Can Silicon Valley ‘fix’ the aging problem?

Guardian | 
In Palo Alto in the heart of Silicon Valley, hedge fund manager Joon Yun is doing a back-of-the-envelope calculation. According ...

Craig Venter working on device that could send DNA over the internet

Guardian | 
Craig Venter, who created the world’s first synthetic life, is working on a “DNA box” that could transport genetic sequences ...