Viewpoint: To protect genetic privacy, it’s ‘crucial’ that we develop an international code of conduct

Genomics researchers worldwide are increasingly dealing with vast data sets gathered by consortia spanning many countries. Most are unclear on ...
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Can artificial intelligence diagnose diseases? Promising apps in development but kinks remain

An algorithm that can spot cause and effect could supercharge medical AI. The technique, inspired by quantum cryptography, would allow ...

Why DNA is the thumb drive of the future

DNA is designed to keep lots of data in a tiny space for an extremely long time. But the best ...
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Privacy concerns: Mental health apps may be selling your data to third parties, including Google, Facebook

Apps spell big business in the healthcare industry: Dozens of apps are marketed to people with conditions including depression, anxiety ...
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‘Google’ for biomedical data could improve our understanding of diseases, improve treatments

If we aggregated all the data from countless years of research, might we learn something new about ourselves, the diseases ...
dna privacy

Why a proposed DNA data protection plan is a great idea that may be too late to help

Legal experts, biologists and policy analysists are calling for DNA data regulation, but the cat is already out of the ...

Augmented memory: This researcher wants to record every minute of his life

If we are nothing more than the sum of our memories and our experiences, how much of ourselves do we ...
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Viewpoint: Consumer DNA tests promise more than they can deliver

Over the past few years, many [DNA testing companies] have branched out into the realm of precision health, treading into ...

3 ways artificial intelligence is tackling cancer

Case Study 1: The Sharing Project … [Jinghui Zhang wondered] how much faster cancer research could move if data sets ...

How ‘number crunching’ and big data has transformed the study of fossils, evolution

The field of paleobiology has advanced paleontology by using big data to analyze the history of life ...
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