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Why comatose infants make ideal test subjects for brain-reviving technology

Scientist | 
A recent Nature paper describing an artificial blood perfusion used in an attempt to restore brain function after pigs were ...
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Defining life: Why we need to identify the boundary between living things and AI robots

Scientist | 
They’re advancing artificial intelligence (AI) to create next-gen personalized robots that can read human emotions in real time. What will ...
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Japan wants to use stem cells to treat paralysis—but ethical questions remain

Scientist | 
On February 18, 2019, The Asahi Shimbun reported, “Ministry [of Health, Labor and Welfare in Japan] OKs 1st iPS [induced pluripotent ...
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Viewpoint: Creation of synthetic DNA demands ethical boundaries for its use

Scientist | 
A study published [February 21] expands the redesign of the 4-billion-year-old genetic code from a four-nucleotide base-pair alphabet to an eight-base-pair ...
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New techniques could transform epigenetics research, ameliorating diseases

Scientist | 
Epigenetics, the study of mechanisms by which genes are turned on or off without altering their genetic code or DNA ...
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Viewpoint: Consumer DNA tests promise more than they can deliver

Scientist | 
Over the past few years, many [DNA testing companies] have branched out into the realm of precision health, treading into ...