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Trump administration pushing FDA to re-authorize hydroxychloroquine based on recent questionable study

[Trade advisor Peter Navarro is pushing for] a second emergency authorization for the antimalarial drug hydroxychloroquine to treat covid-19, the ...

Latest partisan flashpoint: Gap between rising confirmed coronavirus infections and relatively flat death rate

President Donald Trump has brushed off the coronavirus surge by emphasizing the lower death rate, saying that “99 percent of ...

Collecting DNA samples from migrant detainees opens door to enhanced government surveillance

[T]he United States government will begin collecting DNA samples from thousands of people detained by immigration officials, including minors, and ...
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Viewpoint: In the face a gene-editing revolution, President Trump should push for moratorium on human germline editing

In the face of the rapid development of the most powerful technologies ever invented — CRISPR germline gene editing, “artificial ...
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Viewpoint: Trump’s proposed drug price cap would threaten gene therapies, cell-based therapies by stifling innovation

President Trump has said he plans to issue an executive order to lower what the United States government would pay ...
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Why Donald Trump and other politicians shouldn’t promise a cancer cure

President Trump made a new promise if voters grant him a second term: “We will come up with the cures ...
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Collateral damage from Trump’s family planning aid ban? What it means in fight against thalassemia blood diseases

Reversal of current US policy that provides aid for countries around the world for family planning, including abortion counseling, could ...

2016 Presidential Race: Clinton, Trump, Stein and Johnson on Vaccines and Bio-Pharmaceuticals

Professional medical organizations could not be stronger in support of childhood immunizations, including mandatory vaccinations of school children. Only Clinton ...

2016 Presidential Race: Clinton, Trump, Stein and Johnson on Biomedical Research

GLP continues its series on the presidential candidate's positions on genetics and biotechnology. Today we assess Trump, Clinton, Johnson, and ...
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2016 Presidential Race: Clinton, Trump, Stein, and Johnson on Food, Farming and GMOs

Here is a GMO policy primer, lining up not just Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, but also Libertarian Party candidate ...
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