‘Why use dangerous pesticides when GM maize can help us fight fall armyworm?’ Ugandan farmers ask government

Upon learning that one of the ways they could effectively deal with the challenge of the fall armyworm was using ...
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Africa needs pest-resistant crops and other biology-based solutions to crack down on fall armyworm

Most Malawians, 80 per cent of the population, are subsistence farmers, depending on agriculture for survival. After harvesting, many farmers ...
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Fall armyworm adds bitter note to farmer’s ‘sweet and sour journey’

For 83-year-old Florence Wambui Theiru, a life of farming in Central Kenya has been a sweet and sour journey. Over ...
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Viewpoint: Effort to ban 262 pesticides in Kenya threatens nation’s ability to stop locust swarms from devouring crops

As locusts rage in the biggest attack for 25 years, the majority of Kenyans will never have seen the like ...

GMO crops could have slowed fall armyworm pest advance across China

A hungry caterpillar that ravages crops is advancing across China and threatening the nation’s vast supply of maize. Scientists are ...

GMO Bt crops slow global spread of fall armyworm pest, but some bugs resistant to insecticidal plants

The fall armyworm is hungry, on the move and scaring farmers the world over. The crop-devouring pest has spread from ...
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GM corn boosts yields as much as 58 percent in Tanzanian field trials

Tanzania's second year of confined field trials of genetic modified maize is bearing fruit, as the crop has significantly shown ...
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Bt and other biopesticides might stop fall armyworm advance across India

Fall armyworm (Spodoptera frugiperda), an invasive insect which had severely affected maize crops in Africa has now spread to fields ...
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GMO corn could be key to controlling invasive fall armyworm pest in Asia

[T]he fall armyworm, an invasive crop pest .... has now been officially confirmed for the first time on the Asian ...

Ghanaian farmers enlist drones to combat fall armyworm invasion

Farmers at Janga in the West Mamprusi municipality of the Northern Region [in Ghana] are learning how to use drones ...
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Talking Biotech: Can Oxitec’s genetically engineered insects combat fall armyworm crop damage and famine in Africa?

Oxitec's Simon Warner: Engineered male fall armyworms contain a gene that prevents female offspring from reaching adulthood, reducing wild pest ...
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