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Viewpoint: Europe must abandon ‘fear of progress’ to defeat anti-science chemophobia

A site like European Scientist has one hope: that the 2020s will be the decade of renewal for European scientific ...
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Our heartbeat shapes how we process fear and perceive the world

As the heart, lungs, gut and other organs transmit information to the brain, they affect how we perceive and interact ...

Viewpoint: Confronting coronavirus outbreak requires us to cope with our own ‘paralyzing’ fears

Fear is a primal emotion, and to pretend that the medical staff are any less susceptible than the general public ...
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When meditation goes wrong: Some people find it distressing, survey shows

One of the most stereotypical relaxing things to do—meditation—may actually cause distress for some people, according to the findings of ...

Podcast: Countering the ‘culture of alarmism’ surrounding modern farming

The culture of alarmism is an unending and relentless drumbeat that everything sold in the grocery store, every piece of ...

Fear-free life? Removing a part of your brain could make it possible—in theory

Brain surgery is not usually something that people actively seek out. However, there may be an exception: the idea of ...
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10 tips for better communication about pesticide science, risks

One of the biggest challenges for any risk communications professional today is to deliver positive messages on pesticides. Like any ...
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‘Boneless watermelons’? What this new ‘hot fruit’ can teach us about non-GMO labels and fear-based marketing

Nowadays labels extol the absence of something that never was there in the first place. Such marketing schemes manipulate the ...
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