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Exercise Rx: Physical activity is ‘personal regenerative medicine’ and ‘acts like pharmaceutical drugs’

As researchers learn more about how exercise fights chronic ills like heart disease and diabetes, doctors may soon be able ...

Viewpoint: DNA fitness test claims are ‘misleading’

The sales pitch is compelling: By revealing the secrets locked inside your DNA, genetic testing can optimize your workout gains ...
Born to exercise? 'Fitness' genes may help lower breast cancer risk

Born to exercise? ‘Fitness’ genes may help lower breast cancer risk

A growing number of studies show that exercise offers protection against breast cancer. Research on mice suggests that some of ...
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The obesity paradox: Why being fit may be more important than losing weight

Instead of focusing purely on weight, a better approach is one that also considers a person's physical fitness when assessing ...
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Forget about counting steps—Fitbit, other activity trackers won’t help you much to get healthy

Activity trackers may create a false assurance - when people see how much they are walking on a daily basis ...
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Understanding the Obesity Paradox: Why being overweight may be less concerning than being unfit

Instead of focussing purely on weight, an approach that also considers physical fitness provides the greatest potential to promote health ...
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