Health Myths

‘Most foods are GMOs’ and other popular anti-biotech myths debunked

Despite being heavily researched, genetically modified organisms—commonly called GMOs—have many myths and falsehoods surrounding them. Most of these myths are ...
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Viewpoint: Frankenstein’s legacy is a ‘distrust of science’—and GMOs

The novel ushered in a concept that actively harms the Global South two centuries later ...

Predictability: Why there’s no reason to be looking for ‘unexpected surprises’ in GMO breeding

There's a big difference between "unintended" and "unexpected" effects from genetics and breeding, and regulators are looking for the wrong ...
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GMO myth busting: Crops (and humans) safely composed of ‘foreign’ genes

A central canon of GMO critics is the belief that transgenics--transferring genes from one species to another--represents a 'crime against ...
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