Trust issues: Scientific credibility suffers when industries sponsor research

Industry plays a central role in scientific research and development. But research shows that when companies fund science, credibility suffers ...

US funding for cancer agency threatened over handling of controversial glyphosate report

US congressional committee members want to hear testimony from representatives of the International Agency for Research on Cancer regarding its ...

Monsanto shill alert: Does industry funded GMO research bias findings?

Can consumers trust "independent" studies funded by corporations that have found genetically modified foods safe? Anti-GMO activists say 'no.' But ...

Should the European Union continue to fund anti-science and unaccountable NGO non-profits?

Public tax money in Europe is being given with limited or no accountability to organizations actively working to undermine consensus ...

James Watson: Basing ‘war on cancer’ on genome research diverts resources

Billions have been spent on the "ultimate weapon" against cancer--gene-based, personalized medicine. But the money may be mis-aimed on the ...
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