‘It’s the Wild West’: Consumer DNA test cracks another cold case. Why are privacy advocates worried?

It was January 1980 when 21-year-old Helene Pruszynski was found raped, bound and stabbed to death in an empty field ...
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‘Game changer’ for genetic privacy: Court forces GEDmatch to open its million-person genealogy database to police scrutiny

A Florida state judge has reportedly allowed police to search the entirety of the public genealogy website GEDmatch — home ...
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Why the genetic database GEDmatch represents a ‘security risk’ for the US

A private DNA ancestry database that’s been used by police to catch criminals is a security risk from which a ...

Consumer genetic testing firms may not be able to block police access to data

The GEDMatch decision to give police access to its data in the assault case — made without informing the database’s ...
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DNA for the greater good: Should the police have access to consumer DNA databases?

There is an urgent need for international guidelines and policies ...
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Genetic genealogy leads to arrest in 1972 Washington killing

Thanks to the same DNA technology that caught the Golden State Killer suspect, authorities in Washington state arrested a 77-year-old ...
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FamilyTreeDNA launches effort to help FBI crack cold cases with its consumer DNA database

A private genetic testing company who agreed earlier this year to work with the FBI in an effort to solve crimes like ...
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Why a proposed DNA data protection plan is a great idea that may be too late to help

Legal experts, biologists and policy analysists are calling for DNA data regulation, but the cat is already out of the ...

Why genealogy tests will ‘send a lot more people to jail’ in 2019

In April [2018], a citizen scientist named Barbara Rae-Venter used a little-known genealogy website called GEDMatch to help investigators find a man ...
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Should law enforcement have a universal genetic forensic database?

The idea of the government having access to every citizen’s DNA might sound like an Orwellian nightmare, but recent events suggest we’re ...
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