Viewpoint: To protect genetic privacy, it’s ‘crucial’ that we develop an international code of conduct

Genomics researchers worldwide are increasingly dealing with vast data sets gathered by consortia spanning many countries. Most are unclear on ...

‘It’s the Wild West’: Consumer DNA test cracks another cold case. Why are privacy advocates worried?

It was January 1980 when 21-year-old Helene Pruszynski was found raped, bound and stabbed to death in an empty field ...

Why consumers are losing interest in genetic testing

At-home DNA testing companies 23andMe and Ancestry each laid off about 100 employees over the past month, cutting around 14 and 6 percent of ...

Collecting DNA samples from migrant detainees opens door to enhanced government surveillance

[T]he United States government will begin collecting DNA samples from thousands of people detained by immigration officials, including minors, and ...
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‘Game changer’ for genetic privacy: Court forces GEDmatch to open its million-person genealogy database to police scrutiny

A Florida state judge has reportedly allowed police to search the entirety of the public genealogy website GEDmatch — home ...
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Worried about genetic privacy? This start-up is offering anonymous DNA sequencing

The upstart direct-to-consumer DNA-testing company Nebula Genomics announced on [September 19] that it will offer anonymous genome sequencing, becoming the first to do ...

Brain scans, like DNA, can say a lot about who you are. That creates ethical, privacy concerns.

Many people are aware—and properly protective—of the vast stores of information contained in their DNA. When DNA samples were collected ...
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What should you do after you take a DNA test? Delete your data.

[D]irect-to-consumer DNA testing is highly unregulated. A genetic test in the doctor's office is protected by HIPAA laws, which limit its sharing ...
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FamilyTreeDNA shares customers’ genetic data with FBI. Founder calls it ‘the right decision’

Millions of consumers use genetic data to gain insight into family roots or learn about health risks. The boom has ...
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Consumer genetic tests promise rich rewards, but can yield ‘awkward surprises’

DNA testing is all about unlocking secrets. But sometimes surrendering your saliva may also mean surrendering a bit of privacy ...
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Video: Even if you’ve never taken a DNA test ‘your genetic privacy might already be compromised’

The rise of direct-to-consumer DNA tests comes with a host of thorny problems, including how to interpret the data and major questions about genetic privacy ...

‘Genome cloaking’ and the quest to keep DNA test results private

Stanford University researchers have developed a tool to keep individual genetic information private, reducing the risk of discrimination by employers ...
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