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Designer babies? US scientists swap DNA in embryos, replacing mutation that causes heart problems

The breakthrough procedure might better be called 'gene correction' rather than gene editing. It could revolutionize genetic disease treatments, but ...

Time to amend human embryo research ’14-day rule’?

The rule that cuts off research on human embryos at 14 days gestation is based on an arbitrary time limit ...
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How will we use gene editing to treat human disease?

Technology for safe effective germline editing is not ready yet, but once it is, these are some of things we ...

While UK embraces life-saving germline editing, US mired in debate as promising life-saving cases go untreated

Thousands of women with mitochondria disease have no hope of having children without genetic editing or assisted reproduction techniques. Critics ...

Three parent babies: Parent #3’s impact may go beyond mitochondria

New research shows mitochondrial and nuclear DNA interact throughout a person’s lifetime. What does that mean for parents seeking mitochondrial ...
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