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Kenyan Farmer: On Cusp of a Biotech Revolution, Africa Faces Resistance from Europe and Anti-GMO Activists

Gilbert arap Bor, Small-Scale Farmer in Kenya, University Lecturer, Kleckner Award Winner | July 11, 2018Highlights: Kenya and much of ...
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A UK Farmer’s Perspective: What are the Consequences for Sustainability and the Public When Biotechnology Innovations are Withheld?

Jake Freestone, Farm Manager at Overbury Farms, West Midlands, United Kingdom | July 10, 2018Highlights:European politicians bows to activist pressure, ...
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What are the Challenges Facing Modern Farming Around the World?

Mary Boote, Chief Executive Officer of the GlobalFarmer Network | June 12, 2018Highlights: Agricultural biotech solutions are being denied to ...
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