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Robot-powered plant science helps grape growers predict yields, detect pest threats

For grape growers, accurately predicting each season’s yield is key to a successful harvest. Underpredict, and you won’t have enough ...
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Podcast: What Doctor Who can teach us about protecting California’s grape industry from ‘alien’ bugs

Are you a fan of the long-term sci-fi comedy Doctor Who? It's the bizarre but entertaining story of an extraterrestrial ...

Podcast: The story of a grape disease that decimated vineyards for 200 years—and how science helped stop it

When Europeans began to colonize North America 400 plus years ago, they brought along the crops they knew how to ...

GMO wine: Are we ready for it?

Genetic modification of grapes could help wine growers deal with a range of challenges -- if they can be convinced ...

Scientists aim to engineer genetic defense system against deadly grapevine disease

A new discovery by Washington State University scientists could help grape growers roll back a devastating virus that withers vines ...
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Climate change threatens champagne production, but wineries use ‘smart genetics’ to stave off problems

In the cold, chalky cellars deep underground at boutique Champagne house A.R. Lenoble, co-owner Antoine Malassagne shares his worries about ...
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Grapes genetically resistant to mildew rot could cut pesticide use and French wine prices at the same time

French wineries have to use a lot of pesticide to keep their grapes healthy, and that's both expensive and costly ...
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Winemakers abandoning organic status for sustainability, improved taste

The shift has been more common in France, where wineries have cited concerns about the environment and copper buildup from ...
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