Viewpoint: ‘Science-based trade’ — Why the US should dispute Mexico’s glyphosate, GM corn bans at the WTO

Viewpoint: ‘Science-based trade’ — Why the US should dispute Mexico’s glyphosate, GM corn bans at the WTO

Mexico’s president, Andrés Manuel Lopez Obrador, issued a decree that has U.S. agriculture worried. The decree bans glyphosate, a herbicide, ...
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FDA wars: Former FDA chief Scott Gottlieb challenges current head Stephen Hahn on fast-tracking COVID vaccine, predicts mid-2021 rollout

[Former FDA] Commissioner Scott Gottlieb is questioning FDA Commissioner Stephen Hahn’s comments about fast-tracking a coronavirus vaccine, stating that a full approval of a ...
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Viewpoint: World Health Organization, China must be held accountable for ‘recklessly managing’ coronavirus pandemic

The World Health Organization (WHO) [March 11] finally declared the coronavirus from China that rapidly spread across the world a pandemic ...
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‘Please forgive me’: Founder of Hope for Wholeness conversion therapy group now says he is gay

The founder of one of the nation’s largest conversion therapy programs, who spent decades leading the organization, now says he ...

DNA testing companies launch privacy ‘coalition’ to protect consumer data

Genetic testing companies are forming a new coalition on best practices for handling DNA information and to promote the industry ...

Viewpoint: We don’t need another study to convince us that gene-edited babies are a bad idea

He [Jiankui] attempted to disable a gene called CCR5 by producing a variant that has been shown to confer resistance ...
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Viewpoint: ‘Circumventing evolution’ with genetically modified trees puts ecosystems at risk

That many forests in the United States are suffering health crises is not in question. Much of this troubling condition, ...
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