honey bee with varroa mite

Genetically engineered bacteria could inoculate honeybees against deadly varroa mites, deformed wing virus

Scientists from The University of Texas at Austin report in the journal Science that they have developed a new strategy ...
bee population decline

EPA poised to approve new Bt-based insecticide Bta ABTS 1857 to help beekeepers battle destructive wax moth pest

EPA is proposing to register a pesticide product containing Bacillus thuringiensis .... to prevent and control wax moths in beehives ...
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Pollen diversity boosts honeybee defenses against parasites, insecticides, long-distance transport

A new study provides valuable insights into pollen abundance and diversity available to honeybee colonies employed in five major pollinator-dependent ...
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The world faces ‘pollinator collapse’? How environmental advocates and the media get the science about the ‘bee-apocalypse’ wrong time and again

Jon Entine | 
With neither the facts nor the science on their side, environmental advocacy groups are simply pounding the table ...
screenshot sen chuck schumer pesticide industry behind usda decision to suspend honeybee population research gen

Sen. Chuck Schumer: Pesticide industry behind USDA suspension of honeybee population research

Daniel Cassady, Tamar Lapin | 
Sen. Chuck Schumer on [July 28] blasted the US Department of Agriculture for suspending data collection of the decline of ...
Honey Bees

‘Industrial-scale’ beekeeping doesn’t boost disease prevalence in honeybee colonies, study shows

Lewis Bartlett | 
It is generally thought that the intensification of farming will result in higher disease prevalences, although there is little specific ...
No Bee Armageddon: US honeybee colony numbers stable for 25 years. Thank capitalism?

No Bee Armageddon: US honeybee colony numbers stable for 25 years. Thank capitalism?

Ronald Bailey | 
Warnings of an impending "bee apocalypse" became widespread in 2006, after some commercial beekeepers reported the mass disappearance of worker ...

Varroa destructor mite attacks on honeybees threaten wild bumblebees, too, research shows

A mite that spreads a dangerous virus among honeybees also plays an indirect role in infecting wild bumblebees, new research ...
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New Hampshire considers ban on pesticides some claim are toxic to bees

Annie Ropeik | 
New Hampshire lawmakers on [February 12] will take up a proposal to ban most uses of pesticides that are toxic ...
Susan Quals Algood TN Honeybee on Yellow Crownbeard

Neonicotinoid insecticide clothianidin unlikely to harm healthy honeybee colonies

Julia Osterman | 
Interactions between multiple stressors have been implicated in elevated honeybee colony losses. Here, we extend our landscape-scale study on the ...
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