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Scare talk debunked: GMOs, pesticides and antibiotics don’t make conventional food unsafe

Garland West | 
Agriculture Secretary Sonny Perdue recently cautioned Americans not to fear their food. That’s an amazing thing for any public official ...
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Self medication: Blocked from drugs by the medical establishment, many transgender people resort to black-market hormones

Tara Santora | 
For the first 10 months of Christine’s gender transition, a progressive LGBT health clinic in Boston made getting on hormones ...

Early test for autism could be possible by measuring levels of the hormone vasopressin

Peter Hess | 
Low levels of the hormone vasopressin in early infancy may presage an autism diagnosis in childhood, according to a new ...
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Viewpoint: Time to stop thinking of testosterone as a ‘magic male molecule’

Matthew Gutmann | 
Aggression is not correlated with high levels of testosterone ...
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5 common myths about testosterone debunked

Katrina Karkazis, Rebecca Jordan-Young | 
Many of the claims go well beyond or even directly against the scientific evidence about what scientists call “T.” Myth ...

Viewpoint: Non-GMO, organic, gluten free? Demystifying misleading food labels

Hillary Kaufman | 
Take a look at our label guide to know when a label is meaningful and when you’re just throwing away ...

Testosterone levels can predict and treat diseases. But how do you determine your ‘right level’?

Daniel Kelly | 
Establishing a universal "normal" range for testosterone depends on factors such as age, location and wealth ...
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5 farmer tips to avoid ‘fear-based’ food marketing at the grocery store

Whether you realize it or not, we are inundated with fear-based marketing labels every time we set foot in a ...
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Viewpoint: We can’t ignore scientific evidence about male, female brain differences

Alex Berezow | 
It's obvious to just about anyone who is paying attention — and to most biologists, in particular — that there ...

Can genetics explain why women live longer than men?

Maria Cohut | 
Existing research has shown that, on average, women tend to live longer than men, and many mammals show this same ...

Novel uses for plant hormones could boost crop yields to ‘new limits’

Ralph Pearce | 
Amidst the growing interest in soil health and soil-plant interactions is a fledgling collective of newer concepts and products, from ...

Organic, grass-fed beef: Nutritious food choice or marketing hype?

Leah Dowling, Louise Dunn | 
.... Organic farming and grass feeding are promoted as having some social and environmental benefits compared with conventionally produced red ...

Expensive tastes? Testosterone linked to quest for status symbols

Melissa Healy | 
Whether it’s in his choice of top-shelf alcohol at the club, the watch on his wrist or the clothes he ...
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Deepening the nature v. nurture debate: How hormones impact development in the womb is often most key

Cherrie Newman | 
Hormones released into an expectant mother's bloodstream may affect the child's intelligence, mental health and susceptibility to stress, among other ...
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