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After years of studying Huntington’s, pioneering researcher reveals that she has the disease

Year after year for two decades, Nancy Wexler led medical teams into remote villages in Venezuela, where huge extended families ...
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Rethinking Huntington’s: Disease may have origins in the womb

From the first days of the tiny lab-grown organs’ development, primitive “progenitor cells” romped out of their birthplaces in the ...

Chinese scientists may have figured out how to attack the protein created by Huntington’s damaged gene

Huntington's disease is caused by a dominant mutation, meaning that anyone who inherits it will develop the disease. ... Despite ...
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Podcast: Overlooked women in science, Huntington’s disease and witch trials. The best of Genetics Unzipped

Kat Arney selects her favourite stories from the first 20 episodes of the Genetics Unzipped podcast ...
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Why the absence of hope may be hurting Huntington’s disease research

Huntington's disease is not just incurable, it's untreatable. Therefore, many patients don't want to know their genetic status, and don't ...
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Huntington’s risk spawns niche IVF market for people who don’t want a diagnosis

When Jennifer Leyton was going through IVF, her doctors would tell her very little. They turned off the ultrasound screen ...

Rethinking confidentiality: Does a child have the right to know if a parent has the Huntington’s disease gene?

Lawyers are bringing a case against a London hospital trust that could trigger major changes to the rules governing patient ...
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