hybrid bird

Three bird species in one? Inside a warbler’s puzzling DNA

A Pennsylvania birder spotted the bird of a lifetime in his backyard this past spring—it was a hybrid of three ...

Why Ugandan banana breeders say it’s critical to add genetic engineering to their toolbox

Ugandan researchers have been successful at developing robust hybrid bananas through conventional breeding techniques. Yet they see a strong need ...
Seed Saving Workshop in Mile House with Karen Johnson Puckett

Why activists, but few farmers, complain they can’t save patented seeds

Farmers don't save seeds because buying patented hybrids makes sense. It's not because of evil Big Ag ...
GMO label

Do GMOs risk “unintended” health or environmental consequences, as critics maintain?

Concerns about unintended consequences, the backbone of criticism from anti-GMO activists, are actually more likely to occur in traditionally bred ...
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