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African biotechnology advance: Vaccine breakthrough could prevent ‘catastrophic’ tick-borne diseases that cost farmers $19B annually

Genetic Literacy Project | 
Livestock breeding is expected to be one of the engines of economic growth in Africa as it struggles to recover ...
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Facing disease crisis, Ugandan farmers say they’ll illegally grow GMO cassava to feed their families, increase yields

Genetic Literacy Project | 
Cassava is one of the most important food crops in the Africa, a primary component of the rural economy. It ...
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Plans to introduce GMO crops in disarray, legislators angry after Uganda’s president rejects GMO cultivation law for second time

Genetic Literacy Project | 
The lawmakers could attempt to enact the legislation without the president’s signature ...
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CRISPR and other new breeding techniques could be key to unlocking potential of global wheat production

Genetic Literacy Project | 
Scientists and policy makers are calling for wider use of new breeding techniques ...

People in Africa eat GMO foods. So why do they oppose new crops developed by their own scientists?

Genetic Literacy Project | 
GM foods are already sold in supermarkets throughout Africa, but the fear remains ...
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Uganda’s anti-GMO activists blamed for stonewalling nation’s new biosafety rules

Genetic Literacy Project | 
A campaign by non-governmental organizations is determined to keep Uganda free of GMOs ...
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Quest for disease and pest-resistant rice: Ugandan researchers turn to hybrid, GMO breeding programs

Genetic Literacy Project | 
Key crop researchers are pushing for the development and eventual commercialization of GMO varieties tailored to suit Uganda's needs ...
Gmo banana

Uganda GMO banana research progresses despite legal uncertainty

Cornell Alliance for Science | 
The Ugandan researchers who have been working since 2005 to breed more nutritious bananas say their progress won’t be hindered ...

New biotech crop-breeding technologies struggle for traction across much of Africa

Genetic Literacy Project | 
"Multinational companies from the developed world don’t want any scientific progress going on in Africa," says Ugandan researcher ...
Gmo cassava tubers

Uganda’s young cassava farmers want access to GMO crops

Cornell Alliance for Science | 
Though Uganda’s Parliament passed a biosafety bill [the week of November 26], it remains unclear whether it will benefit a ...
GM Rice

Ugandan researchers look to biotechnology to bolster food production in the face of climate change

Genetic Literacy Project | 
As the impact of climate change continues to grow worldwide, farmers are likely to face new challenges in the form ...
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Vitamin-A fortified GMO banana may finally debut in Uganda in 2021, 16 years after research began

Cornell Alliance for Science | 
Ugandan scientists are eying a 2021 release date for genetically modified bananas fortified with vitamin A, provided the nation passes ...

Ugandan researchers hit the road to battle anti-GMO propaganda

Genetic Literacy Project | 
As Uganda continues to grapple with its biotech future, scientists have launched an initiative to help local farmers better understand ...
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Scientists can save one of Uganda’s staple crops with genetic engineering—if lawmakers will let them

Cornell Alliance for Science | 
Ugandan scientists are accelerating their outreach to lawmakers to make them aware of improved crops like disease-resistant cassava .... Cassava, ...

Why Ugandan banana breeders say it’s critical to add genetic engineering to their toolbox

Genetic Literacy Project | 
Ugandan researchers have been successful at developing robust hybrid bananas through conventional breeding techniques. Yet they see a strong need ...

Opportunity lost: Has Uganda paid a price for not embracing GMOs, biotechnology?

Genetic Literacy Project | 
It has been more than two decades since the commercial introduction of GMO crops. They have delivered a range of ...

Seeking medicine from the plants of Uganda

Genetic Literacy Project | 
Researchers have long looked to the plants of our world to solve many of the medical problems we face. But ...
gene editing

Will Africa embrace CRISPR gene editing and the next phase of the biotech revolution?

Genetic Literacy Project | 
Scientists around the world are increasingly turning to the promise of CRISPR gene editing to tackle any number of problems ...
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Searching for biotech solutions to problems plaguing livestock in Africa

Genetic Literacy Project | 
In Africa, scientific research involving biotechnology innovations in agriculture has largely focused on finding ways to produce better crops. But, ...
Gmo cassava tubers

Uganda’s scientists strive to use biotechnology to solve agricultural, health and environmental challenges

Genetic Literacy Project | 
It is morning time, we are in a hotel based at the center of Kampala, the capital city of Uganda, ...

Ugandan farmers struggling with cassava viruses await GMO solution

Genetic Literacy Project | 
Cassava is a major staple food for millions of people in the tropical regions of the world. In Uganda it ...

Ugandan legislator on why his nation needs to ‘wake up’ on GMOs

Genetic Literacy Project | 
Robert Kafeero Sekitoleko is an engineer, legislator and chairperson of the Sectoral Committee on Science and Technology in Uganda’s Parliament ...
Mary Yangi

GMO maize could halt devastating fall army worm invasion in Uganda—if it gets approved

Genetic Literacy Project | 
Mary Yangi trekked a long journey from South Sudan to Uganda’s West Nile region to settle as a refugee and, ...
Field trial

Uganda’s researchers ready to taste test their GMO vitamin A-enriched banana

Genetic Literacy Project | 
The East African cooking banana is one of the major food crops eaten by the people living in central Uganda ...
Nigerian Farmers

Africa could become a world agricultural leader in CRISPR and other new breeding techniques (NBTs)

Genetic Literacy Project | 
It is 8:30 East African Standard Time.  I disembark from a van filled with science journalists from Kampala, Uganda and ...
Hybrid banana

In Uganda, anti-GMO scare tactics even taint conventional hybrid crops

Genetic Literacy Project | 
Uganda is moving closer to allowing cultivation of GMO crops. But there is considerable confusion among the Ugandan public over ...
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Uganda ponders gene-edited crops to avoid restrictive GMO regulations

Daily Monitor | 
Scientists globally... are engaged in plant breeding using genetic modification methods where a gene from a different plant is identified ...
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