Battling insomnia with a host of high-tech hacks. Do they work?

In the US alone, [there’s] 82 million people who struggle with sleep. Given those figures, it’s no wonder there are ...
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‘We don’t have an answer yet’: Nearly 100 doctors have failed to diagnose man’s mystery illness

When [Bob] Schwartz, who battles insomnia, does manage to fall asleep, he wakes up every 90 minutes to urinate copiously ...
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When meditation goes wrong: Some people find it distressing, survey shows

One of the most stereotypical relaxing things to do—meditation—may actually cause distress for some people, according to the findings of ...
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Insomnia linked to neuropsychiatric disorders rather than ‘sleep regulation’, genetic studies show

[T]wo studies published [March 11] in Nature Genetics provide first peeks at the biological basis of insomnia, implicating specific brain regions and ...

Horrific genetic mutation starts as insomnia and ends in death

We've all had nights where we struggle to fall asleep, but imagine being trapped in a cycle of insomnia that gets progressively ...

Getting to the roots of insomnia and what you can do about it

Ever struggle with sleep? Almost all of us will at some point our lifetime. Several factors are at play--including travel ...
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Tick tock, circadian clock research wins Nobel Prize—and why it may help us sleep and travel to Mars

Our clock system is in organisms across the planet. Better understanding of our internal body rhythms may help pave the ...
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