Viewpoint: COVID won't subside in the US until 70% of us are immune. That means: 'Get a vaccine'

Viewpoint: COVID won’t subside in the US until 70% of us are immune. That means: ‘Get a vaccine’

The United States is one of the most seriously COVID-19-impacted countries, faring the worst among the ten most-affected countries worldwide, as ...
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Viewpoint: This is no time to cut corners on regulation of COVID-19 vaccines

With COVID-19 cases, the percentage of positive test results, and hospitalizations reaching record levels in much of the nation, the ...
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Viewpoint: How politics pollutes the FDA’s genetically modified animal regulations and stifles innovation

AquaBounty's fast-growing salmon and Oxitec's disease-fighting mosquitos are two examples of why genetically modified animals should be regulated by the ...
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Viewpoint: FDA regulations ‘a disaster’ for genetically modified animal research

The Trump Administration and Congress should rein in the FDA's regulatory overreach on genetically engineered animals, which is stifling important ...
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