Talking Biotech: Mexico’s complicated relationship with GMO corn

Mexico is the center of origin for maize, and there is a substantial interest in protecting the genetic integrity of ...

Ugandan legislator on why his nation needs to ‘wake up’ on GMOs

Robert Kafeero Sekitoleko is an engineer, legislator and chairperson of the Sectoral Committee on Science and Technology in Uganda’s Parliament ...
Mary Yangi

GMO maize could halt devastating fall army worm invasion in Uganda—if it gets approved

Mary Yangi trekked a long journey from South Sudan to Uganda’s West Nile region to settle as a refugee and, ...
corn combine

Does GMO corn increase crop yields? 21 years of data confirm it does—and provides substantial health benefits

While many studies show that genetically modified crops contribute to yield gains, GMO critics say that they don’t. Such claims, ...

Genetic engineering and gene silencing could fight deadly crop mycotoxins—if not blocked by activists

Aflatoxins are responsible for hundreds of millions of dollars in crop losses annually. Farmers have struggled to control the troublesome ...
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