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3 reasons Mars colonization might be a bad idea

Zahaan Bharmal | 
I wanted to look at the case against Mars; three reasons humans should leave the red planet alone. … [T]he first argument ...

Sex in space? An awkward talk we will need to have

David Warmflash | 
As the prospect of Mars colonization grows on the public radar screen, sex talk is not as much taboo that ...

Here’s what potential Mars colonists really need from Earth: A large gene pool

David Warmflash | 
Establishment of a Mars colony will depend on genetic diversity, meaning we must send tens of thousands of colonists ...
crops on mars

Designing GMOs for human Mars colonies: Follow the ‘toxic salt’

David Warmflash | 
Before we grow staple grains such as wheat and corn on Mars , we need to deal with the soil's ...
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