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Stanford’s John Ioannidis refines study suggesting coronavirus global lockdown “may be totally irrational,” acknowledging “more uncertainties”

John Ioannidis answers Undark’s questions on his controversial antibody study and participation in partisan media ...
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Is the lockdown an overreaction? Uproar over epidemiologist John Ioannidis’ study minimizing coronavirus risks

For his Covid-19 work, the Stanford scientist John Ioannidis is being accused of the same bad science he has criticized ...

Regulating fast-moving consumer genetic testing industry is no small challenge

Submitting a vial of spit to a genetic testing company is easy. Understanding the implications — and regulating the burgeoning ...
Brain Tumor

Do cell phones cause cancer? Unlikely, but activists are skeptical of journalists who present the facts

While it has been theorized that radiation from cellphone usage has the ability to cause cancer, there is no evidence ...
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