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Viewpoint: Plant biodiversity cuts pesticide use, but may slash crop yields needed to feed more people

Everyone recognizes that less less food means fewer pests but when you have to grow food to keep billions from ...
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Viewpoint: ‘Monocultures’ unnatural? Mother Nature grows them, too

....[Wh]at’s often in the crosshairs of activists is the philosophy of the planting system — the “dreaded” monoculture. Row crops ...
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Should we abandon ‘monoculture’ farming to protect biodiversity and slow climate change?

How we farm can guard against climate change and protect critical wildlife -- but only if we leave single-crop farms ...
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Identifying genetic basis for plant biodiversity could help boost crop yields

Diverse communities of plants and animals typically perform better than monocultures. However, the mechanisms that are responsible for this have ...
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Why monocultures might be the most sustainable option when choosing cover crops

It's long been believed, without much empirical evidence, that biodiversity in crop cover mixtures increases crop productivity, improves soil ecosystems ...
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Can we ‘build’ a better banana with genetic engineering?

Reproductively, domesticated banana plants are self-copying machines .... With the emergence of the 20th century, the confluence of the Industrial ...

Monoculture: Do intensive farming and GMOs really threaten biodiversity?

Many critics claim GMOs increase the practice of monoculture cropping, but is this accurate? Does intensive farming damage our land ...
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