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Tractors in Potato Field

Viewpoint: ‘Monocultures’ unnatural? Mother Nature grows them, too

....[Wh]at’s often in the crosshairs of activists is the philosophy of the planting system — the “dreaded” monoculture. Row crops ...
sacto cant outsmart nature

Are we ‘meddling with creation’ by growing GMO crops?

[F]or some, it’s a stretch to reconcile faith with new developments in agriculture, especially when it involves (perceived) meddling with ...

‘Secret Ingredients’: Expert says the latest anti-GMO ‘shockumentary’ is clever, provocative—and wrong

We’ve all see this in a science classroom or conference: The monotone reading from a prepared script, coupled with PowerPoint ...
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Is ‘factory farming’ an accurate description of modern agriculture?

I’ve lived in four states on the East Coast and Gulf, and I’ve never found myself wanting come harvest time ...
omag apple x

New York farmer’s sustainability comparison—7 advantages of conventional farming over organic

[Editor’s Note: Tim Durham’s family runs Deer Run Farm on Long Island, NY. He holds a degree in plant medicine ...
PohlFinal HLB risk x

Agronomist: No amount of data will satisfy ‘anti-biotech extremists’ peddling precautionary principle

[Tim Durham is a professor of agronomy and agricultural science at Ferrum College in Virginia.] The [precautionary principle, or PP] ...