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We depend on bees for 1/3 of our food? Pesticides threaten bees? Farmer challenges pollinator myths

Jack DeWitt | 
.... [W]ithout [bee] pollination efforts, the world would still have plenty of food .... The vegetables we eat don’t require ...
Study Finds Cheerios Oats Other Breakfast Foods May Contain Weed Killer

Glyphosate contaminates food? Simple testing method could dispel exaggerated weedkiller risk claims

Researchers at Leipzig University in Germany say they have developed a quick and simple way of testing for glyphosate in ...
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Iowa farmer: I was duped by misleading ‘organic’ food labels. Learn from my mistakes

Michelle Miller | 
Years ago, I watched a “documentary” about the American food supply. While I’m not going to tell you the U.S ...
Tractors in Potato Field

Viewpoint: ‘Monocultures’ unnatural? Mother Nature grows them, too

Tim Durham | 
....[Wh]at’s often in the crosshairs of activists is the philosophy of the planting system — the “dreaded” monoculture. Row crops ...
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Could indoor ‘freight farms’ provide ideal growing conditions for CRISPR-edited crops?

Jaclyn Krymowski | 
The technology and innovation moving within modern day agriculture is so fast-paced and expansive, you can find futuristic solutions, ideas, ...

Viewpoint: Avoid these 6 bogus labels at the grocery store to save money

Michelle Miller | 
Are you paying more for certain food labels? Who can blame you! With the rise of labels and wanting to ...
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Consumers love technology, survey shows—but not when it comes to GMOs and farming

Technology in agriculture is how we’ll feed a growing population, make farming more sustainable and improve the lives of farm ...

Neonic pesticides offer negligible benefits to farmers? ‘Nonsense,’ says Iowa soybean grower

Wayne Fredericks | 
Most people would say that life is unpredictable. We have our plans and routines, but there’s no way to tell ...
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Viewpoint: Want to understand crop biotech? Avoid these discredited anti-GMO sources

Ryan Tipps | 
Here’s a tip for all the anti-GMO activists out there: If you ever want to get the last word in ...
romaine lettuce on wooden chopping board

Food waste-reducing non-browning Romaine lettuce edges closer to market

The agriculture industry is constantly trying to reduce food waste. To continue that effort, Intrexon Corporation announced it is advancing ...

Ethos Chocolate, candy brand that hypes its GMO ingredients, back by popular demand

In its debut in February, the debut of Ethos Chocolate made a big, wonderful, delicious splash — the initial batch of 10,000 ...
Tomatoes articleimage

Video: Fine-tuning beneficial mutations breeds higher yielding tomatoes

Zachary Lippman | 
Unexpected interactions between mutations can be a thorn in the side for plant breeders, especially when they’re trying to promote ...
geovisual crop data tablet

IBM, Yara International announce digital platform to optimize crop production for individual farms

Yara International, a leader in crop nutrition, and IBM announced [April 26] an agreement to build the world’s leading digital ...
pesticides and autism

Viewpoint: Do pesticides boost autism risk? New report says ‘possibly’ but correlations are ‘weak’ and ‘misleading’

Recently a study titled “Prenatal and infant exposure to ambient pesticides and autism spectrum disorder in children: population based case-control study” ...
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Bayer releases 107 Roundup safety studies as glyphosate-cancer legal battle continues

With recent legal battles, Bayer [has released]....all 107 Bayer-owned glyphosate safety study reports that were submitted to the European Food Safety ...

CRISPR crops spur farming innovation despite climate change, water shortages and exploding food demand

Oliver Peoples | 
The discussion and debate surrounding advances in agriculture have become frequent topics of discussion....[N]ow more than ever, the concept of ...
Shoppers on a Mission e

5 farmer tips to avoid ‘fear-based’ food marketing at the grocery store

Whether you realize it or not, we are inundated with fear-based marketing labels every time we set foot in a ...

Viewpoint: Conventional, organic farming advocates should stop fighting and focus on feeding world’s growing population

Ryan Tipps | 
For years, discussions about the future of the agricultural industry have converged on the arbitrary yet consequential date of 2050, ...
Organic Veg

Viewpoint: Many organic farmers aren’t anti-GMO, and they’re tired of ‘meaningless’ food labels

Michelle Miller | 
[In February], I attended the MOSES Organic Farming Conference, the largest such gathering in the U.S., with thousands of people in ...
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Viewpoint: Farmers offer to teach popular organic activist ‘Food Babe’ about GMOs—so she bans them on social media

Michelle Miller | 
In the four and a half years I’ve been blogging and doing social media as a career, I have banned ...

Is the anti-GMO movement following PETA’s animal rights activist playbook?

Michelle Miller | 
From drenching fields in chemicals to factory farming, there is so much misinformation out there about what happens on today’s ...
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New vectoring technology turns bees into soldiers in the war against plant pests

Kevin Folta | 
Bees are being armed as soldiers in the war on plant pests, leading the charge toward sustainable farming. Farming is ...
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This farmer says more food producers should stand up for agriculture—here’s 5 reasons why

Michelle Miller | 
....An advocate for agriculture, sometimes referred to as an AGvocate, can be anyone who works to tell the inclusive story ...

Viewpoint: Anti-glyphosate activists are ‘rich, organized, and powerful’—don’t underestimate them

Amanda Zaluckyj | 
The campaign against glyphosate started a few years ago. The fairly benign herbicide was so closely tied to Roundup Ready ...

Video: What are GMO crops—and are they natural? Pioneering plant scientist Mary-Dell Chilton explains

Michelle Miller | 
I write about GMOs on a somewhat regular basis, but sometimes it’s a topic worth revisiting on a very basic ...
FDA Reading Food Label Woman Grocery Store Nutrition Label Changes x

Will fear-based product labels fade in 2019? 5 food and farming predictions for the new year

Michelle Miller | 
Welcome, 2019! [In 2018 we] experienced newer diet trends where Keto and Whole30 reigned as some of the most popular ...
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Are we ‘meddling with creation’ by growing GMO crops?

Tim Durham | 
[F]or some, it’s a stretch to reconcile faith with new developments in agriculture, especially when it involves (perceived) meddling with ...

‘Secret Ingredients’: Expert says the latest anti-GMO ‘shockumentary’ is clever, provocative—and wrong

Tim Durham | 
We’ve all see this in a science classroom or conference: The monotone reading from a prepared script, coupled with PowerPoint ...