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bread gluten food warning

Viewpoint: GMO crops could reduce, even eliminate, dangerous allergens in common foods

Washington Times | 
My brother was in his mid-20s when he developed a food allergy....[H]e discovered that his unpleasant side effects occurred whenever ...
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Viewpoint: While Kind Bar debunks ‘healthy’ organic sugar claim, it promotes equally deceptive non-GMO labels

Blog | 
Dear Kind Bar: [On March 6] you delighted people in the agriculture and science communities. Clif Bar tried to shame ...
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Dear Anheuser-Busch, stop scaring people about alleged dangers of corn products to sell Bud Light

Blog | 
Anheuser-Busch caused quite a farm controversy with its Bud Light Super Bowl commercials. Remember, Bud Light bragged in those commercials ...
michelob ultra pure gold

Viewpoint: Michelob’s ‘Pure Gold’ organic beer won’t preserve your health or the environment

Washington Examiner | 
Beer companies often use sex to sell their beers, but Michelob Ultra is reinventing the beer commercial by advertising something ...

Viewpoint: Anti-glyphosate activists are ‘rich, organized, and powerful’—don’t underestimate them

The campaign against glyphosate started a few years ago. The fairly benign herbicide was so closely tied to Roundup Ready ...

Plaintiffs may struggle to prove Roundup causes cancer in upcoming glyphosate trials

Farmer's Daughter | 
Bayer’s Monsanto is facing thousands of lawsuits from plaintiffs claiming exposure to glyphosate gave them cancer. Last August, a jury ...
christmas santas list

A farmer’s ‘naughty list’: Activists, celebrities and lawyers who spread the most misinformation in 2018

Farmer's Daughter | 
That’s right: it’s almost time for the jolly old fat man to visit homes around the world to deliver presents ...
Shoppers on a Mission e

Farmers, here’s what the public wants to know about food

Farmer's Daughter | 
Tyson Foods is the biggest U.S. food company .... [E]arlier this year it formed the Trendtellers Council and packed it ...

Edible GMO cotton could supply protein to 600 million people daily

Farmer's Daughter | 
It turns out cotton seed is a great source of protein, except it’s currently toxic for humans. Cotton naturally produces gossypol, ...
fake news

Despite FDA safety data, media promote glyphosate scare stories to drive readership, farmer says

Farmer's Daughter | 
FDA Testing Finds No Glyphosate Residues in Over Half of Commodities Tested. And what they did find was well within ...

Farmer to FDA: Get rid of misleading ‘non-GMO’ and other fad food labels

RealClearPolicy | 
If you’ve made a grocery run at any point in the last few months, you may have noticed the proliferation ...
non gmo whole foods sign

Viewpoint: Demand for non-GMO food suggests consumers want ‘easy’ answers to nutrition and health

Have you been grocery shopping lately? If so, it probably won’t come as much of a surprise that so-called “free-from” ...
Monsanto Roundup pesticide ap img

Will glyphosate-cancer lawsuits block development of safer pesticides?

Farmer's Daughter | 
Dewayne Johnson sued Monsanto because he claimed the Round-Up he sprayed as part of his job as a schoolyard groundskeeper ...
politician speech

Viewpoint: Anti-GMO activists copy negative rhetoric of politicians to win public support

Farmer's Daughter | 
There is a reason that political campaigns run negative advertising–it works. This close to a national election you’ve probably seen plenty ...
Health benefits of hot dog water? Profitable prank illustrates problem with food labels

Health benefits of hot dog water? Profitable prank illustrates problem with food labels

Detroit News | 
Festival-goers in Canada recently got the opportunity to buy an innovative new health product: hot dog water. Boasting health benefits ...

Viewpoint: Powerful new food industry group promises to promote science-based policies—but will it?

Farmer's Daughter | 
Four of the largest food companies have combined forces to form a new advocacy association. Danone North America; Mars, Incorporated; ...
USDA GMO Food Labels Logos Confusing Cartoony

Viewpoint: USDA’s GMO labeling proposal is ‘the right way to do it’

Farmer's Daughter | 
After two years of waiting, the USDA has finally published its proposed regulations to implement labeling of genetically modified crops ...
GMO friendly label

6 ways GMO crops help farmers and consumers

Farmer's Daughter | 
Genetically modified crops provide a lot of benefits for farmers, including less pesticide applications and increased yields. These benefits are ...

Viewpoint: California judge blocks spraying of citrus-killing Asian psyllid, courting disaster

Blog | 
“Judge Orders California Agriculture Officials to Cease Pesticide Use" ... The judge’s decision is so scary because he just indefinitely ...
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Viewpoint: Use Amazon Smile to support real charities—not Non-GMO Project’s fearmongering

Blog | 
Many people will turn to the Internet this year for holiday shopping, with Amazon being a popular choice. Savvy shoppers ...
soil in hands

Viewpoint: Conventional farmers take better care of soil health than media portrays

Federalist | 
[Editor’s Note: Amanda Zaluckyj is a practicing attorney and farmer's daughter who shares her family's story at The Farmer's Daughter ...
Guilt e

Opinion: Celebrities, environmental activist groups should stop shaming parents into avoiding GMOs

The Environmental Media Association has teamed up with the organic dairy farm Clover Sonoma to celebrate Dairy Month in an ...
food technology training

5 ‘game changer’ technologies improving modern agriculture

1. GPS technology GPS may be the biggest game changer in agriculture. While things like autosteer have made driving the ...
march against monsanto world ral

Bombing of Monsanto’s Italian research facility highlights how anti-GMO rhetoric inspires terrorists

Blog | 
Based on the reports, an individual threw Molotov cocktails at a Monsanto research facility in Italy over the Easter Weekend,  the ...
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‘Don’t bite the hand that feeds you’: Cargill’s partnership with Non-GMO Project irks farmers

Blog | 
[Editor's note: Read the GLP's profile of the Non-GMO Project here.] Careful what you tweet…especially if you’re a company kicking ...
Screen Shot at AM

‘Save the Bees?’ General Mills campaign perpetuates myths about GMOs, pesticides

Blog | 
Watch out – Buzz, the iconic mascot for General Mills’ Honey Nut Cheerios, is going to be missing in action ...

With school budgets tight, New York state PTA proposes spending more for non-GMO food

...[T]he New York PTA has released its Proposed Resolutions for 2016. ...[including] a proposal aimed at taking any genetically engineered foods, or ...
GMO labeling

US should follow Canada in cracking down on non-GMO label when no GMO version exists

. . . [M]ore and more companies are slapping non-GMO labels onto products for which there is no GMO equivalent ...